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After getting pissed at notepad++’s shitty excuse for a regex engine one last time, I ended up rage-writing a fairly simple notepad replacement in C#, so I could make use of C#’s great regex engine…. Here we are. Can’t quite make up for sed, but does a good enough job.

TODO: Implement group replacements or whatnot.

Download (binary + source, 33kb). Don’t care what you do with the source, just try not to hurt yourself.

* Regex search and replace: multiline, JS-compat, and case-insensitive mode
* Escape sequences supported for replace and generic non-regex search
* Supports loading, saving, and hotkey support
* File associations and drag and drop file loading

* Newlines in file contents will be regularlized to \r\n when saved
* \n escape in search will be automatically changed to \r\n, internally
* \r escape sequence is recognized but supressed (removed from search)
* Binary files usually do not load properly and will show an error
* Undo is single level only

Escape equences supported: \n \t \0 \b

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