Long story short – Pandora music, via the shoutcast protocol used by winamp for internet radio stations. Advanced web interface that is user customizable. . It has a ajaxy web-based UI to handle most features of pandora, as well as some other stuff. Anything that can play mp3 generally supports shoutcast streams. Winamp, itunes, media player classic, windows media player, mplayer, whatever. ipods, xboxes, playstations…

Download here. (binaries, zip file, 475~ KB).

Last Update:
* Transitioned to NCalc instead of Datatables for math evaluation. Should result in full functionality under mono once more, with minor changes required, noted in changelog
* Fixed bug with continue/break in mixed html and ssi loops
* Full functionality under mono restored
* Wine should now work to run caster, with .net 2.0 installed

(don’t ask me what all those stations are, i don’t remember myself…)

8 thoughts on “PandoraCaster


    “FEMA has developed a geospatial viewer called the Situational Awareness Viewer for Emergency Response & Recovery”…

    Joking aside, I thank you again kindly. Just came here to update, and noticed this lovely diversion. Just the other day I was wishing I could stream via fb2k. (I’m addicted to it’s sexy spectrogram plugin, was looking for a line-in plugin for it, or a standalone version, but this should help too!)

  2. Well, PandoraCaster solved nearly all of my “third world problems” about Pandora. Now I can listen Pandora on my 4 year old phone, thanks for you.
    If possible, please add AAC+ stream support; I know I can set up an another Shoutcast (or icecast) server and feed it with PandoraCaster stream; but it’ll lead audio quality problems, thanks to the additional transcoding step.


    • If you can find a description of how the aacplus streaming works at the protocol level, it would not be too hard. Wrote code to parse aacplus a month or so ago for the client.

      Just wondering, why do you need aacplus so badly? Bandwith savings? (seeing as 64kbs aacplus is somewhat inferior to 128kbs JS MP3)

      • AAC does offer higher (perceived) sound quality than mp3 (at the same bitrate – especially at low bitrates). Yes, bandwidth savings was the reason. Cellular operators generally don’t provide unlimited data in my country. But that’s my problem, of course.
        I have another question for you; sometimes I hear brief one-time digital noise which occurs only in first few seconds of new songs. I think the reason is mp3 metadata; maybe my player tries to “play” these metadata. Are you injecting the metadata to stream or metadata comes from Pandora’s mp3 files? Just curiosity.


        • It’s interesting, since this arltcie I’ve felt I had to move to SAM Broadcaster because of Vista issues with Winamp. It depends on how far your going with it, I’ll be honest, SAM Broadcaster is a very good program however I feel it is lacking major features (especially that of AAC+)

  3. This is fantastic. thanks for providing such a useful program.

    Question. I’ve enabled local files, which is predominately what I’m interested in playing. How do I access them? I’ve tried http://localhost:/www/, I’ve dropped the “/www,” I’ve even looked at the html on the landing page for any reference to local files and had no luck. Any help with this would be very welcome.


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