FTP Uploader

Project I did a few years back when I wanted a simple way to upload single files to web hosting. Presenting, the uploader. Man i’m great with names. It’s grown a bit dated – I originally wrote it in 2009, and it shows in places + code, but I still use it everyday. Here we go:


Put in FTP details, and the URL to the directory you configured. Then pick a file or pass it on the command line and it will be uploaded, with the URL placed on your clipboard. Nice and simple. Favorite: Place a shortcut in the send-to folder. Right click, send to, FTP Upload: a few seconds later, get a link.

Simple image editor: Take a screenshot via [printscr] or [alt+printscr] (current window), then click picture. Image is automatically pasted with a random name – hit Upload and go, or choose to crop, shade out regions, whatever.

Shortcomings: May not deal with certain JPG files from cameras properly (missing region). Image editor doesn’t have text and certain other useful things. May update in the future.

Download (binaries + source, 235kb). Try not to maim yourself.

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