Update Info

02/21/2014 1.5 build 1527 HOTFIX
Client: Fixed auth error for pandora one users

02/20/2014 1.5 build 1525

This update fixes the 64kbs mono mp3s that pandora has been sending from being skipped constantly resulting in silence/ads.
It may help with 42 seconds of silence. It may not. It will help with the client spazzing out and skipping a lot of tracks.

NAudio: Fixed hardcoded MP3 channels
Client: Enable ad fetching
Client: Added silent song/ad warning
Client/Ctrlstream: Added facility for mono upmixing
Client: Fixed move song bug
Grooveshark: Weak fix for songs using fallback/not downloading
Saver2: Added known issues screeen prior to live help
Installer: Update tor, if present
Tor: Binary update
Tor: geoip update

Slacker plugin may not work with premium accounts atm – can’t test this at this point in time.

11/23/2012 1.5 build 1511 (optional)

Optional build that fixes station playlists and %exnfo%. I was told slacker saving was not working, but I have been unable to replicate the issue (working fine here). If you have relevant data, contact me on IRC.

Client: Removed some unused code
Client/Pandora: Fixed stations sniffing – this is why station playlists and exnfo were not working


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