10/10/2012 1.5 build 1509

Fixes some songs not saving, and pandora one song rating saving. Replaces tortunnel with tor. Various other bugfixes and minor improvements.

Please note, pandora appears to be handling skips server-side. If you skip excessively (exact number not known), you may trigger it into giving you 42-second blank songs. If you get blank tracks, try another station, or wait a few hours. As long as you aren’t skipping multiple times in a row it seems pretty hard to trigger, though. If I can get more exact parameters I will add a warning.

Read-only listening should be possible for those who live outside the US, without using a proxy such as tor. However, you can’t create stations, rate songs, and so on, if not using a proxy.

IF you are still using tortunnel, it will be automatically upgraded to tor.

Portable version: Install saver2 (or the client) somewhere, then go to where you installed it and create a file named “local.mode”. Filename must be exact, not “local.mode.txt” etc. Contents don’t matter, the file just has to exist. You can then copy the install folder to your flash drive and use it from there; settings will be saved on the flash drive. This feature has existed for a while, just forgot to document it…

Sorry for the delay, school has been rather obnoxious and has not left me with much free time to work on programming of any sort.

Batanga: Added turbo mode setting
Batanga: Fixed album art handling
Batanga: Fixed other urls used
Client: Added keyboard control for song search dialog
Client: Stations fetched via auth rather than duplicate call
Client: Fixed a crash due to disposed UI
Client: Refactored AACPlus decoder
Client: AACPlus decoder now can use NeAACDecPostSeekReset, or can emulate it if neccisary
[CRITICAL] Client: Eternal buffering due to error /may/ be fixed. If anyone gets "ERROR" to show up in the time field, let me know.
[CRITICAL] Saver2: Fixed SongInfo.Clone() not duplicating ExNfo field (affects Pandora One song rating saving)
SProxy: May support IPv6 now
SProxy: Played with quirky server handling. May be fixed.
[CRITICAL] Pandora: Fix for changed data URLs
IRC: Added /r to reply to private messages. Double-backspace on a blank input will also work.
IRC: Made the warning more scary
IRC: Added smooth text zoom via mouse wheel + ctrl
IRC: Added text copied tooltip
IRC: Added tooltips for most controls
[CRITICAL] Tortunnel: Defunct.
TorEndPoints: Rewritten to use tor (again)
Installer: Tortunnel replaced with tor

Notice: Some songs not saving

Pandora has started using a new domain for some songs. It will require some more involved changes to support saving; I will have to do a proper QC on the various other fixes I’ve been doing over the last few months before I can release it. Due to a lack of free time, expect an update late tuesday, early wednesday.


My IRC proxy has bitten the dust (PSU blown), so if you don’t see ZigZagJoe or ZZJ-CLASS in channel, I’m not there & won’t see anything written, so post on the forums or come back later.

Status update

Busy with classes.

Pandora is apparently implementing a server-side skip limit. Don’t skip unless you need to, otherwise you get 42 seconds of silence.

Saver2: Will probably deploy a patch in the near future, minor improvements.

Android pandora: Going slower than I’d hoped, mostly due to severe lack of free time.

Mechwarrior online: Now shit as PGI has transitioned to pay2doanything. Golfclap.

API Jacknife: Holding pattern, mostly.

Precalc sucks.

Notice: audio errors.

Pandora have broken their experimental server again. If you are getting playback errors, create a new account as an interim fix.

Sorry for the lack of updates, summer classes are coming to a head. Also, trig sucks (except for vectors, i like vectors).

Pandora Client UI Replacement

A while ago, I untangled the UI from the main code of the client. End result being you can completely replace the pandora client UI. Made an example project way back when, forgot to release it. So here we are.

Really simple UI; it was meant to test the new system and not much else. Maybe some of you will get a kick out of it. Simplest way to use it is to drag NewUI.dll to the install folder, then run “use newUI.bat” to run the pandora client with the plugin temporarily loaded. VS 2008 or newer required to edit the source.

Package: http://ridetheclown.com/downloads/ClientExampleUI.zip