I’m not dead

Mostly. Sorry for the downtime, it should be sorted. First, php-fastcgi ate a dick (what a surprise) – adjusted some things and it seems to be coping. Second, buyvm dns decided to die, too…. go go gadget googledns!


My IRC proxy has bitten the dust (PSU blown), so if you don’t see ZigZagJoe or ZZJ-CLASS in channel, I’m not there & won’t see anything written, so post on the forums or come back later.

Pandora Caster v2.2

Update released.
Download here.

This update fixes a lot of niggling things that have been left for too long, as well as cleaning up after the API change. Several files in ./www were renamed to conform to guidelines and such.

Major bits:

Fixed extra | in header – was a bug regarding break/continue in mixed html/ssi loops
Ncalc is now used for the expression engine. Full functionality under mono should be restored.
Feeder loop now cycles faster.
Should now function under wine with .net 2.0
Proxy may be a hostname now
Updated to use unified error handling from client.
API errors will be reported, again.
Bump to v2.2

Changes in math bits:

All variables with a . have the . replaced with _ in the context of the expression engine.

var LIKE “wildcardexp” -> like(“wildcardexp”,var)
station.shared -> station_shared

All casts have been removed as they were never neccisary for anything.

Bitwise operations are now supported natively: & (bitwise and), | (bitwise or), ^(bitwise xor), << (left shift), >>(right shift), !, not, -, ~ (bitwise not)