Mac OS Security Stuff

Project tangentially related to a class, maybe it will be useful for others.

Was bored in class, messing around on my mac, ended up finding the restricted user account settings on my macbook & messing about with them. They’re actually very competent; they make Fortres look like a wimp. So, I got thinking, it’d be nice to have my laptop automatically switch into this passwordless, highly-restricted account and then give me the option to log back in to my main account. They can dismiss the dialog, but all they can do is internet, ms office, music, and chess. No control over system settings aside from wifi network.

The account is set to auto-login and to hide my account if it isn’t logged in, this combined with an EFI password renders my macbook into a kiosk for anyone who isn’t me. They can do basic stuff, but nothing that will harm the system or compromise my data.

See the entire readme after the break.

Not responsible if you maim yourself or your system.

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