Pandora Client UI Replacement

A while ago, I untangled the UI from the main code of the client. End result being you can completely replace the pandora client UI. Made an example project way back when, forgot to release it. So here we are.

Really simple UI; it was meant to test the new system and not much else. Maybe some of you will get a kick out of it. Simplest way to use it is to drag NewUI.dll to the install folder, then run “use newUI.bat” to run the pandora client with the plugin temporarily loaded. VS 2008 or newer required to edit the source.


Saver2/Pandora Update 6/9

CRITICAL: If you are still getting the disappearing client error and you have just updated, you are the victim of NSIS (installer software) being a piece of garbage. To fix this, restart your computer than manually run the latest installer and install over your current one. I’m sorry for the inconvenience – it will not happen again.

FIXES PANDORA CLIENT DISAPPEARING – a bug in the installer caused people to retain old pandora client versions when updating if a hung process was in the background.

Pandora seems to have stopped using mediaserver.* urls – try your original accounts, people who had to create new ones.

Pandora One users will get 192kbs audio once more, and some other minor bugs were fixed.

This should be the last of the spree of updates, assuming Pandora manages not to break their own servers in the meantime…

Notes after the break.
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“HTTP Streaming Error”

Yes, the Pandora client is not working for some people. Pandora has a broken server that only certain accounts are being served, rendering these accounts unable to listen to pandora on any pandora client, including their website.

There is nothing I can do to fix this; however, a work-around is to create a new pandora account, which generally gets working URLs. Hopefully pandora will get their shit together sometime soon.


6/8 3:00pm: Seems like pandora is no longer using mediaserver urls. Try using your original accounts.

6/5 7:00pm: Pandora have broken the facility to return 192kbs audio. Hope you didn’t pay for pandora one. Releasing an update now so some accounts will work again – if a song skips after a few seconds, or does not completely download, create a new account.

6/5 8:00am: Pandora seem to have fixed their website, but mobile clients still aren’t working properly as they seem to have broken the functionality they use to give MP3 data. This remains a can’t-fix issue at this time.


Saver2 Hotfix

Really sorry for yet another update, but this can’t wait. Fixes some dumb errors caused by removing a dependency from the standalone client.

[CRITICAL] Client: Fixed a stupid bug causing the Last.FM plugin to generate errors.
[CRITICAL] Client: Fix for an album art related crash
Client: Fixed a bug causing extra log messages to be generated when running as part of SProxy
Client: Fixed the Pandora Client button moving on SProxy
Client[Standalone]: Fixed a bug causing skinning to not work.
Pandora: Fix for some station creation crap now working

Saver2 Update

Update deployed. Full notes below.

** hotfix deployed that fixes skinning for standalone client **

Specifically, grooveshark and 8tracks are now working 100% (best I can tell), and I have changed them to use a real JSON parser so they should be much more durable in the future. Will also fix some quirks of the pandora plugin for saver2 and the client due to the quick update before.

Full notes:

5/*/2012 1.5 build 14xxFix for grooveshark, 8tracks, and some client bits after the protocol change. Pandora saver2 plugin should function better, as well.

Claifification regarding
You must listen to music via the Pandora Client (on the window titled SProxy), not just open it and leave it alone.
The pandora website should still work (for now), but this may cease at any moment.

Client: Added log upload and live help
Client: Fixed some bugs related to the new protocol
Client: Unified error reporting for API errors
[CRITICAL] Grooveshark: Back and better than ever. Upgraded to use proper JSON parsing.
8tracks: Fixed some songs not saving when genericsaver had to catch them.
Pandora: Fixes related to the tranisiton to the new protocol. exnfo, and some others.

Nero – Doomsday

Saver2 Update


Note: 8tracks may not be working and grooveshark is working about 50% of the time. I will be working on these in the next few days but judged this update to be more important.

Yes, most videos are no longer saving. Youtube has changed the way they deliver videos into several chunks. While this increases responsiveness for the user, it makes saving an obnoxious proposition at best from both my perspective and the users’, and, as such, the youtube plugin will be discontinued in the next update.

An update should be out in the next few days as I finish implementing the JSON version of the Pandora API; this should mean fewer mandatory updates to my pandora client.