Android Pandora App

EDIT: I have ordered a HTC Rezound. Thank you for your support.

Short version: I’m gauging interest in an Android app. Are you interested in donating for me creating an Android app?

Long version: So, I’ve been asked many times in the past if I would write a version of my Pandora client for <insert smartphone here>. I will say flat out: Exempting a major turnaround in Apple’s choice of language, an iOS Pandora app from me will never happen. Good hardware, but obj c and apple’s corporate policies can sod right off. Windows Phone would be the simplest to port to, however I have minimal interest in the platform. So, WP port is unlikely, and not going to happen under my own power. This leaves Android. (or symbian, trolololol)

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Getting the most out of Pandora

From time to time, I hear people complaining about Pandora only playing the same tracks, or every station sounding the same pretty quickly. I ran into the same thing, a few years ago. However, I’ve gained some insights over time as to how Pandora works, so I figured I would write up a blog post on how exactly to avoid this situation. Using these rules, I’ve been able to maintain diversity in my Pandora stations without hearing the same tracks over and over.


Item the first: The ‘Like’ button is more complicated than you think. ‘Liking’ a song does mean you like the track, yes. But it has an additional effect: You are telling Pandora you want to hear more tracks like this, on this station.

What this boils down to: If you create a station for classical, and it plays metal, it doesn’t matter if it’s playing a song you love. You must downvote it. Or, at very least, not upvote it. Continue reading