Humble Bundle V

Got this a few days ago.

For those who don’t know, humble bundles are where a bunch of indy games are packaged, and you pay exactly what you want for them. I think you can even get them for free, if you want to be a horrible person. Part of the proceeds go to the devs, and part to charity. As noted in the title, this was the fifth one. Oh, the games are all DRM-free, and run on mac, windows, AND linux. Natively. This bundle included 8 games, which I’ll be detailing in a series of blog posts, when I finish ’em.


First two (Psychonauts and Bastion) after the break.

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Wreck-It Ralph

This could be incredibly awesome or incredibly shit. I, for one, hope for the former. Love a good animated film, and then they throw vidja games into the mix…

Additionally: if you haven’t seen The Avengers by now, go and see it, you horrible person.

Where have the good developers gone?

Why is it that major video game studios feel like they can slap any IP [intellectual property] in a box with an intro video, and it’s automatically worth 60$? Disturbing trend. Glitches, short shit stories, and minimal content are becoming rampant. Worst are the cases like EA, which regard “release day” as a synonym for “paid beta” and launch with crippling bugs.

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Moon Breakers

Imagine: WWII in space. Had a guy in test alliance show this to me. Long story short, you fly your little internet space fighter about asteroid fields, fighting over something or another, which is to say, shooting other internet space fighters.

Free-2-Play indie game; about a 250mb download. You can either install it via Steam or Chrome. Mac OS X, Windows. Prob Linux.

Few basic gametypes, which can basically be summed up as if you are not choosing to fly a bomber, you hunt and kill their bombers, before they torpedo your home base (“carrier”). If you are flying a bomber, your goal in life is to survive to launch your torpedo at the enemy carrier, without it being shot down.

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