ZZJ’s Barn Door Tracker

Figured I might as well post this here too – I’ve been working on a barn door tracker build for astrophotography, and finished up the full write up a few days ago. Here’s the link to that. First shot is to the right, but unfortunately I’ve not had time or weather to get more than a crappy attempt at the Pleiades.


Regarding the pandora skip issue: I need one of the 64kbs music MP3s that pandora sends – I think this may be a cause of the skip problem. A work around may be to use aacplus mode rather than MP3, but I have not tested this.

TI-84 Color Review

I required to purchase a TI-84 series calculator for one of my classes (can’t use Ti-89), and ended up with the Color TI-84 that was recently released. Long story short: Take your TI-84 and bolt a color LCD and a cellphone battery onto it. You are now the proud owner of a TI-84 Color.

Read full review after the break. Saver2 update in the works.
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TI-36x Pro

This is a post about a calculator. Math-adverse, you have been warned.

Had to take a math placement exam, which didn’t allow graphing calcs with a CAS, like my TI-89. Scientific calculator it is. Except, it’s the day of the test, and there were no scientific calcs to be found in my house (should be two). Spazzed a bit, then checked out frys and office depot. Quickly selected the TI-36x Pro and hopped down to Office Depot. TI name, and the most expensive of the scientific calcs – has to be good, right? Had no time to take the test – thankfully, I didn’t have to take it that day. Given some free time, I had a glance over the manual…

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