Jackknife 2.3

JN 2.3 Overview and features.

AJAX Notifications View. A bit quirky due to :ccp: – Most nofications types do not have a path for turning them into human readable text, yet. Will be working on it.

INDUSTRY VIEW. Strictly beta, let me know if there is any problms.

AJAX Killlog View. Just like mails.

Inter-linking showinfo: You can now click links to see corp/alliance/char info from any other view in the show info – for example, view the char info of the ceo of a corp.

Showinfo parsing: Show info links are now parsed. This pertains mostly to mail view and corporation about view. Additionally, URLs that are not links will be turned into links. Underline, italics, bold styles will be shown. Color and font size are currently not enabled as they mangle the display.

– Stations, character names, and some other things are now links in various views. They will open ingame show info or a new window with show info if oog
– System and station links send you to dotlan
– Alliance and corporation links send you to the new show info view
– Character info links send you to a new view with employment history, sec status, char name, current alliance, and current corp
– Contract links show up yellow, but do nothing as there’s no way to fetch info about a non-owned contract
– Fleet links show up red.
– Http links open, well, as you would expect. Duh.
– Ingame, clicking on a link will open the relevant show info view
Fittings show up with the fitting info. In the future, they will send you to the fitting checker, if possible.
– Turn off ingame show info by using the control at the bottom of the page (when ingame)

Contracts view improvements:
– Minor bugfixes causing contracts to display when they shouldnt.
– Fix for duplicate contract bug
– Added showinfo links and issued by field on contract info

Custom API Wizard, located on the API Input screen.

Updated Item Search/Item View: minor improvements to usability and such. Re-styled in current auditor theme.

Character Info view: used for showinfo links primarily. No way to search for chars as of yet.


– [ataglance] Fixed mail and kills view conflicting
– [showinfo] Fixed stations being for the wrong station type
– [showinfo] fixed a bug causing item info view on weird items to fail (like snowballs)
– [showinfo] Added alliance history for corporations
– [showinfo] Standardized width of descriptions and history lists
– [showinfo] Added founder, founding date for corp info view
– [showinfo] Improved handling of inactive corps’ info
– [showinfo] Improved handling of char/corp links in char/alliance bios
– [showinfo] Fix for malformed XML from ccp
– [itemsrch] Updated styling
– [itemview] Updated styling, added skills
– [itemview] Merged into showinfo
– [notifications] Added ajax body viewing. NOTE: Most notifications do not have a coherent body yet.
– [industry] Fixed sorting not working.
– [overview] Added bio view
– [overview] Updated character sale forum link to current
– [overview] Legend should be positioned properly both under onepage and normal
– [overview] Fixed some skills being renamed. Thanks CCP, for not leaving well enough alone.
– [orders] Fixed a really stupid bug.
– [journal] Market entries now have the type, price per unit, and person bought from/sold to if transactions api is enabled
– [contracts] Fixed a bug with new item types
– [contracts] Minor bugfixes causing contracts to display when they shouldn’t
– [contracts] Fix for duplicate contract bug
– [contracts] Added showinfo links and issued by field on contract info
– [assets] Updated to use less memory
– [assets] Restyling work
– [assets] Corp offices listed with jump to links in corp mode
– [assets] Added alphabetical sort
– [assets] Added some showinfo links
– [assets] Added jump to station for significant assets
– [assets] Added item search
– [assets] Added item search autocomplete
– [assets] Added jump to office for corp view
– [assets] Added links to show all ships of a class
– [assets] Added group:id and type:id search (id being number)
– [assets] Added “find all” and changed show all of a class to the same mechanism
– [skills] Added ‘bio’ view, if char has a bio
– [skills] Fixed a bug with recursive skills]
– [skills] Fixed owned skills with missing prereqs not being shown (podded)
– [mail] Fixed mixed corp and personal mail targets not working correctly.
– Global stylesheet improvements, and specific tag-class cases rather than just class

Post last updated: 6/9/12

API Jackknife Source

Several people have contacted me about this, so here we go.

Source to the v1 auditor was released back in 2010 as I was leaving eve and was unlikely to ever come back. So, I figured, better for it to get some use than languish.

However, now that I’m back to eve, I’ve started updating the auditor again, in a big way. This had led to requests for the new source, which leaves me in a bit of a spot. I’m not opposed to releasing the source, but I need to find a license that I’d prefer to release it under – don’t really care for the GPL, it was more a reflex than a reasoned choice. Continue reading