HTC Rezound: First Impressions

The HTC Rezound is the previous-generation flagship phone of HTC, with a 1.5ghz dual core scorpion processor, Arendo 220, 1gb of RAM, 16gb internal + 16gb sd, and a 720p LCD display. Selected it as it was reasonably priced and still performs in the mid-high range. My first impressions:

Gorgeous screen – 720p, or 720 x 1280 4.3″ Super LCD. Around 350 pixels-per-inch; ludicrous. No pentile here. Superb indoors, usable outdoors, though hard to see in bright sunlight. Good viewing angles and max brightness. You will shit bricks.

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Android Pandora App

EDIT: I have ordered a HTC Rezound. Thank you for your support.

Short version: I’m gauging interest in an Android app. Are you interested in donating for me creating an Android app?

Long version: So, I’ve been asked many times in the past if I would write a version of my Pandora client for <insert smartphone here>. I will say flat out: Exempting a major turnaround in Apple’s choice of language, an iOS Pandora app from me will never happen. Good hardware, but obj c and apple’s corporate policies can sod right off. Windows Phone would be the simplest to port to, however I have minimal interest in the platform. So, WP port is unlikely, and not going to happen under my own power. This leaves Android. (or symbian, trolololol)

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