As you probably know, source to the V1 auditor was released back in 2010 as I was leaving eve and was unlikely to ever come back. So better for it to get some use than languish.

Now that I’m back to eve, I’ve started updating the auditor again, in a big way. I’m not opposed to releasing the source, but I need to find a license that I’d prefer to release it under – don’t really care for the GPL, it was more a reflex than a reasoned choice. The current code is not covered by the GPL, as I resumed development from the version immediately prior to the V1 release.

Basically, I can understand (though not agree) with the reasons people want to host their own copies, and I can live with that. Or they may want to re-style or otherwise slightly tweak functionality. I’m fine with that, but I’d prefer that #1 modified versions are not re-distributed and #2 not publicly exposed – in other words, not indexed by google, and preferably accessed via a login.

Reasoning for #1 is I don’t want to be bothered by somebody getting some offshoot version that has some niggling bug that was already fixed on the main site ages ago.

Watch this space. Source will come, but it needs to be under a license I’m comfortable with.

2 thoughts on “Source

  1. i would like to see this made into a stand alone desktop program that saves all the character data journal mails..etc to file

    • That would be a complete re-write and then some – doesn’t make sense, as nothing would really be gained from it.

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