Saver2 Update (1527)

Those who updated earlier may need to update again; there was a critical bug in the first version of the patch which caused pandora one accounts to be broken

This update fixes the 64kbs mono mp3s that pandora has been sending from being skipped constantly resulting in silence/ads.
It may help with 42 seconds of silence. It may not. It will help with the client spazzing out and skipping a lot of tracks. Also updates tor.


NAudio: Fixed hardcoded MP3 channels
Client: Enable ad fetching
Client: Added silent song/ad warning
Client/Ctrlstream: Added facility for mono upmixing
Client: Fixed move song bug
Client: Fixed auth error for pandora one users
Saver2: Added known issues screeen prior to live help
Installer: Update tor, if present
Tor: Binary update
Tor: geoip update

6 thoughts on “Saver2 Update (1527)

  1. I was hoping this would fix the ads pretending to be regular song names, but no dice. I did see a warning that an ad was “a short track” — once.

    So is it not possible to auto-skip ads anymore? I keep having to do it manually, for about the last two weeks. That, and searching for ads that have been saved as though they are regular songs. Even something like an “auto-skip tracks shorter than _____ seconds” setting would be great.

    • It wasn’t skipping ads before – it was skipping mono tracks that pandora sent as the decoder wasn’t able to handle them. Under no circumstances should an ad be skipped; it will cause blank songs in short order – so no, I won’t be implementing an auto-skip feature.

  2. hello i have a question i keep getting playback errors and i created a new acc and everything but i keep getting the errors. any word of advice? ill try reinstalling it but im on windows 8.1 could that be the problem?

    on a side note thank you for this software ive been using for years.

  3. Still a year later haven’t fixed downloading albums on slacker with a pro account. Works ok with free, but I have premium and when I select a whole album it doesn’t record all the song.. Its hit or miss.. PLZ fix it 😉

    • I don’t have a pro account, so I’m unable to do anything about it. If you are volunteering your login info, I’d be happy to take a look at things, but until someone does, there will be no change on that front.

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