ZZJ’s Barn Door Tracker

Figured I might as well post this here too – I’ve been working on a barn door tracker build for astrophotography, and finished up the full write up a few days ago. Here’s the link to that. First shot is to the right, but unfortunately I’ve not had time or weather to get more than a crappy attempt at the Pleiades.


Regarding the pandora skip issue: I need one of the 64kbs music MP3s that pandora sends – I think this may be a cause of the skip problem. A work around may be to use aacplus mode rather than MP3, but I have not tested this.

3 thoughts on “ZZJ’s Barn Door Tracker

  1. I tried to use the proxy with other pandora clients to see what would happen. Firefox/Google both worked fine with the proxy but no saved files. I also tried using Elpis with it, it would fail with MP3 or AACPlus. When i took the proxy out of the equation Elpis worked just fine.

    • Nothing implementing the JSON api will be able to save music through saver2. The pandora website might still work, I haven’t tested it in a long time though – it’s not exactly a priority.

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