PSA: Pandora Ads

Pandora is now playing ads along with silence when you hit the skip limit. There’s nothing I can do to fix this, as it’s all on their servers. Only advice I can offer is to skip less, and possibly use alternate accounts. Not much else can be done. If you run into it, a different account may work, but otherwise wait a few hours and it should begin working again.

One thought on “PSA: Pandora Ads

  1. So I NEVER skip but evens so, I listened for about 2 hours then it cut off ALL sound.

    Then I updated and relogged in and got the usual (Album art, song title, artist) but the audio was a commercial, and EVERY song for 5 songs in a row was a 45 second commercial. So I closed down and brought it back up and it was the same (Album art, song title, artist) but the audio was silence.

    I am sure that it is all their servers, but maybe there is a way to judge songs under a minute and silently ultra play them ( whatever the term is for playing them really fast all in a row) until the longer songs come on?

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