%exnfo% and station playlist fix update

Just deployed update. I had intended for this to be optional, but everyone will be prompted to install it unfortunately as it’s over a month.

11/23/2012 1.5 build 1511 (optional)

Optional build that fixes station playlists and %exnfo%. I was told slacker saving was not working, but I have been unable to replicate the issue (working fine here). If you have relevant data, contact me on IRC.

Client: Removed some unused code
Client/Pandora: Fixed stations sniffing - this is why station playlists and exnfo were not working

3 thoughts on “%exnfo% and station playlist fix update

  1. Saver2 is awesome but the 42 seconds of silence is getting a tad annoying. When can we expect to see a patch to fix this issue? Meanwhile i’m doing as the IRC chat suggested and switching between stations.

    • There’s not going to be a patch at this time, because there’s nothing I can do to fix it. Pandora’s doing it at their servers; it’s not client-side at all. The only thing you can do is skip less. Sometimes a new account may work.

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