Status update

Busy with classes.

Pandora is apparently implementing a server-side skip limit. Don’t skip unless you need to, otherwise you get 42 seconds of silence.

Saver2: Will probably deploy a patch in the near future, minor improvements.

Android pandora: Going slower than I’d hoped, mostly due to severe lack of free time.

Mechwarrior online: Now shit as PGI has transitioned to pay2doanything. Golfclap.

API Jacknife: Holding pattern, mostly.

Precalc sucks.

3 thoughts on “Status update

  1. You’re that good at this programming $hit but you haven’t even finished precalc? How! How did you learn to code such excellent software?

    • Math beyond Algebra I is by and large not required for most programming tasks. Though, I’d recommend trig for game design. Otherwise… if you need to use math, it’s something specialized that the formal classes wouldn’t likely help with anyways.

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