Pandora Client UI Replacement

A while ago, I untangled the UI from the main code of the client. End result being you can completely replace the pandora client UI. Made an example project way back when, forgot to release it. So here we are.

Really simple UI; it was meant to test the new system and not much else. Maybe some of you will get a kick out of it. Simplest way to use it is to drag NewUI.dll to the install folder, then run “use newUI.bat” to run the pandora client with the plugin temporarily loaded. VS 2008 or newer required to edit the source.


4 thoughts on “Pandora Client UI Replacement

  1. Nice. I tried this to allow the use of RBTray, which minimizes most programs to the tray. RBTray doesn’t work on some skinned UIs like Saver2 or WinAmp, but it DOES work with your UI plugin.
    However, the plugin makes Saver2 crash. This happens after some 10s of minutes to an hour and is quite repeatable. On reverting to the skinned UI all is well.
    (System, Windows 7 Home Premium, i5 processor, HP pavilion G6 1240SA, 6 gig ram)

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