Fedex Smartpost

…. is so hilariously bad. Let’s ship the package to random hubs and then finally chuck it in the mail when it gets to the right city. I’m pretty sure media mail is faster than this unholy union – granted, it’s more fedex being raging incompetents than USPS.

Case 1: Package shipping from Dallas, to Austin. Let’s overshoot austin and go to houston, taking a day or more per depot, until we finally drop it in USPS, who then take another day to deliver. If they dropped it in the post in Dallas, it would have been there in one day, rather than one week. 200 miles. 3 hour drive.

Case 2: Package shipped from Phoenix, to Austin. Let’s let the package sit for a day, before tossing it to the next depot. I mean, no rush, right? Then, let’s ship it past the target (again), and spend a few more days getting it back to the right city, then another day to pop it in the mail. Again, instead of the 10 days it’s taken to go “Smart”post, USPS would have had it there in two days.

Case n: USPS Parcel Post is always faster.

4 thoughts on “Fedex Smartpost

  1. Smart post is typically cheaper though. I think they basically save up shipments until they have extra room for a crate of smart post crap, then shuffle the crap off to the next city up the chain.

    I still think Media Mail is often slower… but smart post is bad consistently. It almost feels like they intentionally make it slower to discourage people from using it.

    I waited 3.5 weeks for a media mail book at one point.

    Also, are you ordering from woot? I think they’re in Dallas and typically use Smart Post…

    • Yeah, Woot was one of the cases. I ought to check how much smartpost costs – ought to be cheap as hell for how crap it is. I just don’t know how they could make smartpost as bad as it without doing it in purpose.

  2. I’m having something similar go on right now. I ordered something from the City of Industry, CA and I’m in Mobile, AL. In one day it got all the way to Fort Worth, TX. Then they overshot by a couple hundred miles to Ellenwood, GA where it sat for two days and then went to Atlanta. It’s supposed to be here in two days- by Thursday (9/20/2012)- but I doubt that’ll ever happen.

    • I don’t get how they can be so slow other than on purpose. On average, for me, it’s 2 days in each depot, 1 day per transit, one day handover to usps, then another day to finally be delivered. Normal service doing about one depot including transit per day…. just outstandingly bad.

      Worst bit is smartpost rates are only slightly better than standard ground service, but instead of charging you the difference of smartpost vs ground, they charge you the whole price of ground shipping.

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