HTC Rezound: First Impressions

The HTC Rezound is the previous-generation flagship phone of HTC, with a 1.5ghz dual core scorpion processor, Arendo 220, 1gb of RAM, 16gb internal + 16gb sd, and a 720p LCD display. Selected it as it was reasonably priced and still performs in the mid-high range. My first impressions:

Gorgeous screen – 720p, or 720 x 1280 4.3″ Super LCD. Around 350 pixels-per-inch; ludicrous. No pentile here. Superb indoors, usable outdoors, though hard to see in bright sunlight. Good viewing angles and max brightness. You will shit bricks.

Chunky feel – this is not a motorola razr. It feels solid, and, in my estimation, is perfect with the extended battery. Fits my hand just right. Feels good, man.

Superb sound – even with beats off, this sounds the best of anything I’ve used. Included earbuds (iBeats, sell for $100) sound very good, and don’t make the music sound like it’s coming from inside my head. They are also a headset; mic is located on a remote-control cylinder thingie about a foot down from the buds. Controls: previous, play/pause, next. Call quality was simply the best I’ve ever heard. Didn’t know a phone call could sound that good.

Beats audio – ┬áBeats works out to be essentially a smart software EQ, it manifests primarily in increased bass. It sounds quite nice on headphones, but should be avoided on box speakers (read: not headphones). For some reason, it gets all trebley on normal speakers.

Battery life – not so hot. That gorgeous screen comes at a heavy cost. However, with an extended battery, it should last a day of heavy use with ease and probably two or three of medium use. Stay tuned; my battery isn’t broken in yet, so life should increase somewhat.

Performance – having not used an android phone before, I can’t really provide any relative comparisons. Switching home page screens was fairly smooth with a live wallpaper, and flawless with a static one. App browsing is a bit choppy. Dead Space performed well with no noticeable framerate issues. Web browsing was very smooth. Did I mention the screen is gorgeous?

Camera – stills are a little noisy, but very serviceable. Takes good 1080p movies. Dual LED flashes are very, very powerful. Get Droidlight, if you get a rezound – this thing is brighter than my CR123 Arc LS flashlight.

Android 2.3 – fairly logical, and bug free. Play store makes getting apps easy. HTC Sense seems to work well, though, I admit, I don’t know which parts are sense and which parts android. Verizon are terrible people for 1. installing a crap ton of bloatware and 2. locking down wifi tethering/usb tethering.


All told, very happy. I should get to tooling around with the SDK this weekend.


7 thoughts on “HTC Rezound: First Impressions

  1. Welcome to the Android world! You, like many of us, will likely be hooked on your phone. You’ll wonder how you lived life without the internet in your pocket at all times.

    Tip: Buy 2 or 3 extra chargers and leave them placed strategically at your desk, your bed, at work, in the car, etc. Plug in whenever you’ll be somewhere for more than 5-10 minutes.

    The Droid Razor Maxx is about the only Android phone available where you can just charge at night and not ever worry about battery life if you’re a heavy user.

    Looking forward to a Pandora app! The audio quality of the offical app is terrible. Pops/static on transients are the biggest problem, really really annoying. When I’m driving it sounds like stones are hitting my car.

    • Yeah, I have a few spare microusb chargers for other devices, and got another spare specifically to carry in my backpack. It’s definitely been very handy so far.

      Battery life with the extended battery seems to be around 2-3 days of medium use… not quite maxx territory, but good enough. The beautiful screen smokes battery life, heh.

      Do you get the pops while using the built-in audio app? I ask this because I’m going to be using the high-level audio playback API, and if using those is what is causing you to get pops, there’s not much I could do to fix it.

      • I also get many clicks and pops while listening to Pandora on my Android via the Pandora app. Had this prob on my past three smartphones. Definitely a Pandora problem.

  2. Greg covered the basics of Android there, but I wanted to hint at the more complex world that can sit below. I’m sure you’ve heard that Android is in fact a Linux OS. The issues you mentioned with bloatware, locked down wifi tether and even your battery life can all be improved by modifying your phone with custom OS images, called ROMs. I warn you now, once you begin fiddling with your phone you won’t want to stop.

    A good place to look at quick changes for your phone is the XDA website, this is where Android modifications first really took off. The Rezound wasn’t an incredibly popular phone but it does have an active development community.

    Kernels can offer fancy features and improved battery life as well as performance. ROMs offer a wide variety of features, ranging from the stock ROM modified to remove bloatware to entire replacements offering Android 4.0 support. Adding these in is usually an easy and straightforward process, especially for someone who has experience programming or working with Linux systems.

    Also looking forward to an Android app! I used to use Pandora as my in-car radio but moved away once I picked up a 64 GB micro SD card for all my music. This very well could bring me back to it.

    • Yeah, I’m aware of ROMs, but honestly would rather not mess with em at this point in time as I’d rather not have my phone crap out when i need it. Probably once a 4.1 ROM is released I’ll look into it, as I doubt HTC will update their older phones to it. Have rooted and unlocked, though.

      Wifi tether: Haven’t seen one that is actually fully functional on the rezound, aside from the HTC one that verizon locked down. There’s a third party one in the app store but it’s basically nonfunctional for any non-emergency use (doesn’t support encryption or non-adhoc). Obnoxious. Would have thought someone would have cracked the verizon restrictions on it.

  3. I’m so happy you got your phone. Can’t wait for the app! Though I am solely interested in the unlimited skipping to be honest.

  4. I have been enjoying PC your app for years. I am so excited to know your planning to create am android app. I jut got my first android phone(Samsung Exhibit II 4G) a few months ago and I thoroughly enjoy it.

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