Humble Bundle V

Got this a few days ago.

For those who don’t know, humble bundles are where a bunch of indy games are packaged, and you pay exactly what you want for them. I think you can even get them for free, if you want to be a horrible person. Part of the proceeds go to the devs, and part to charity. As noted in the title, this was the fifth one. Oh, the games are all DRM-free, and run on mac, windows, AND linux. Natively. This bundle included 8 games, which I’ll be detailing in a series of blog posts, when I finish ’em.


First two (Psychonauts and Bastion) after the break.

First game I played was Psychonauts. I knew it to be an old xbox game with some sort of cult following; I really expected some sort of kid RPG, with little to offer for an adult player. Instead I get a game that plays like a classic action-platormer, with a unique world view and lots of tongue in cheek humor. Realllllly unique art style. I can see why it has such a cult following now. I raged a bit on the last levels, major difficulty spike there. Cannot hide forever, bear. Oh, did I mention the guy who did Invader Zim’s voice also is the voice of the main character? So much awesome.


Just finished up Bastion at the time of posting. Again, expected some sort of RPG, barely above facebook game level – indy devs are worthless, right? Wrong. Bastion is an RPG, technically, but it’s more a hacknslash or third person shooter (hell, both). Uses an isometric viewpoint, with a cell shaded art style. Another unique touch is that everything in the game is narrated. Music is simply awesome, nothing more to say. Psychonauts’ music is great too – and the humble bundle even included soundtracks!


Psychonauts took me about 15 hours, and about 9 hours for Bastion. I’ve only played two games (of 8 ) and I’m already beyond the length of most bigname producers’ flagship titles! I paid $8… a far cry from the $60 norm. Sure, they aren’t riveting titles, but they more than kept my interest, which is more than most big name games have managed to do recently.

Support indie devs.


Psychonauts screens:

Maybe in the future. I can’t really find any that adequately show what the game is like.

Bastion screens:


One thought on “Humble Bundle V

  1. Been really getting into the indie games and indie music market lately. I like the fact that majority of the money is going to the people who actually put the blood, sweat & tears into a product rather than most of it going in the big name publishers pocket.

    I’ve picked up 3 out of the 5 Humble Bundles, like you said, well worth the 8 or 10 bucks I paid for them.

    You might also check out Indie Royal and Game Music Bundle if you enjoy game soundtracks.

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