Where have the good developers gone?

Why is it that major video game studios feel like they can slap any IP [intellectual property] in a box with an intro video, and it’s automatically worth 60$? Disturbing trend. Glitches, short shit stories, and minimal content are becoming rampant. Worst are the cases like EA, which regard “release day” as a synonym for “paid beta” and launch with crippling bugs.

After the break, some thoughts about games in recent memory. Warning, much :words:.

Left 4dead/left4dead 2. Graphics: Outdated. Mechanics: Solid if nonexceptional. Content: Short, maybe 20 hours if you stretch it. Maybe another 20 hours with updates over time. Versus I can’t say anything about, except that it seemed like it would be gimmicky at best. No lasting attraction. Price: 50$

Supreme commander 2. Shares literally nothing with SC 1/FA except the basic IP. Shit standard RTS mechanics. Can’t remember the price; was 50 or 60$.

Bad company 2: Solid mechanics, with good variety of weapons and classes. Some balance issues and gameplay glitches. Good replayability. 50$.

Halo series: Somewhat above average gameplay mechanics. Good story. However, severely overhyped. 50-60$

Dead island. Boring, glitchy gameplay. Fairly large world and co-op however blandness of game, story, and glitches render it ugh. 50-60$

Rage. Decent graphics. Solid shooter mechanics. Interesting racing minigames. Fuckall story and :derp: ending. Very short. 60$

WH 40k Space Marine. Rather amusing for the first 30 minutes or so, but repeats that same gameplay til the end of the game. Story doesn’t match well with 40k lore (lol nerd). 50$

Bulletstorm: Gratuitous violence and general absurdity. Lots of fun. However, campaign was fairly short and rather linear, even if it was amusing. Cliffhanger ending, but no sequel due to failing on the market. 60$

CoD4: Modern Warfare. Fairly solid shooter mechanics. Very little map variety and tiny size. Very little gameplay variation. 60$

Every CoD after CoD4: MW: Reskinned everything, with new gimmicks. Literally CoD 4 expansion packs. 60$.

Global Agenda: Lots of fun in beta, then falls flat on release because hirez though additional content wasn’t needed and untested balance changes were a good idea. 50$, now free. Told it’s still going, even now.

Portal 2: It’s a frigging portal sequel. Good story, and classic portal mechanics. Coop was okay, more luls for messing up your friend than actual content. Where it fell flat: Again, price: 50$ (or was it 60?). Admittedly, the original being free is a hard bar to measure up to. Eh.

Deus Ex: Horrid mechanics. Couldn’t get much farther then the basic missions as it was just so painful to play. Story did not seem exceptional but again didn’t get majorly into it. Severe case of player instagib (super meat boy 3d?). 60$. Yes, I realize the game is designed to be a stealth game.

BF3. BC2 given the CoD treatment. 60$ and vista only. Release was basically paid-for beta, like with BC2.

Dead Space 2: Best atmosphere + good story. Solid gameplay. No complaints other than price relative to game length. 60$

:sperg: :sperg: :sperg: Thankfully I’m not dumb enough to blindly buy games on name – trying them first ftw.  I am sad about vidja games now.

Next, we have F2p games in development or recently released.

Tribes: Ascend: First person shooter. Another hirez game, who made and ruined Global Agenda. Loads of fun from level 0-5, which takes about 4 hours at most. The second you hit level 6? Bam, matched with level 30s, who tend to have literally 100x more gameplay hours than you. I figure myself good at FPSes. That doesn’t make up for sheer time spent playing the game, not with a game as complicated as tribes. Oh, and the really expensive weapons are straight upgrades.  Welp. 

World of Tanks: Third person arcade shooter. Was in beta in 2010. Released in early 2011. Gameplay has remained relatively unchanged, and chronic bugs/shortcomings that have been there since beta remain. Balancing changes are sporadic at best. Absurdly grindy.

League of Legends: Dota-like game. The game itself is decent. The playerbase is the most caustic one I’ve ever been remotely a part of. On top of that Riot  – the devs – are super reactive; unless something is obviously broken, until it becomes a problem in high level “Ranked” games, it gets left alone. When noticed, fairly or unfairly, it gets nerfed, HARD. All new champions are very expensive to unlock via normal gameplay – about 60 games. Funish at low levels, crap past that.

“Planetside” 2: First person shooter. I refuse to acknowledge this as a sequel to Planetside, which was the only MMOFPS that ever worked. Sony seems intent on keeping the IP of planetside and nothing else – gameplay looks to be roughly Tribes:A without jetpacks. Wonderful.

Thankfully, indy games are getting better and better. Looking forward to Hawken, and have had fun playing Moon Breakers. Maybe there’s hope yet.


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