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I don't hear anything playing, or it's only playing ads.
You can try a different station; or turn pandora off for a bit. If you have another account, or can create one, it seems to fix the problem most of the time and allows you to skip some more - of course, you will have to make new stations. Basically, prevention is the way to go: try to avoid skipping often, or a lot of station changes. If you get an Ad, DO NOT SKIP IT! Usually, if you listen to the whole ad, you will start getting music again afterwards. If you skip it, expect more silence.
RPC failure: [ERROR CODE 1039] - An unexpected error occurred
You may have skipped too much. Try using a different account. No other known solutions at this point in time.
Slacker isn't working, and I have a premium account.
Don't use a slacker premium account - it seems to cause issues at the moment.
Stations are changing randomly!
You have the shuffle button checked - click it so it becomes gray.
The same song is playing over and over.
You have the repeat button checked - click it so it becomes gray.
[Pandora One] I get an error, and can't play music.
Install the latest update (build 1527 or newer) - there was a stupid error in the previous build causing errors for ad-free accounts i.e pandora one users.
[TOR] I'm being asked for a proxy username/password
The tor developers have decided to make Tor, by default, ask for authentication on its proxy interface in the newer versions, which I just updated the pandora tor bundle to use. Some early patchers got a version with an incorrect configruation file. To fix this error, either download the latest saver2/pandora installer and install over your current install (settings will be saved) or use add/remove components on the saver2 menu to remove and re-install tor. Sorry for the inconvienence.