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Welcome to the API Jackknife 2.4, by ZZJ.

Jackknife Overview! To see what Jackknife does, or what's been changed, look here!

Prodigal Update 2.4

DATABASE UPDATED TO odyssey-1.1-91288. Enjoy!
The overview/skills page has been split into two pages: about and skills. About contains character info, subscription status, biography, and employment history, and the activity overview. Skills contains skills (duh), queue status, and fitting checker. The tabbed interface is semi-shared between the two pages to try to minimize disruption. By default, you will now land on the about page rather than skills, but you can revert to the old behavior by using the toggle located at the bottom of the about and skills pages. Notes: - [about] Added showinfo for "Parties Referenced" section - [about] Added SP and ISK if able - [about/activity] Market orders max and high SP skills section have been removed due to split - [assets] Ignore null entries in search database - [eveDb] Explicitly set character set to UTF8 for mysql - [skills] Updated for BC/Dessy skill split, and other various skills being renamed - [skills] Updated some skill sums - [skills] Fixed HAC, HIC not showing up - [skills] Massive speed increase - over 10 times faster. xpath bad, mmmk? - [skills] Removed obsolote can use damnation/claymore/etc - [contacts] First release - [contacts] Added sorting and revised styling - [contracts] Rejected / Expired contracts will now be listed at the top until deleted - [notifications] Some more notifications populated. Some unknowns tenativiely named. - [notifications] Removed message, reworked some styling - [notifications] Reduced cache time ala mails - [apiCaching] Updated base api to look for an XML error when CCP returns a moronic 0 http error code - [apiCaching] Added a filter for another invalid character by XML in mail bodies - [apiCaching] Removed table existance check - [apiSkills] Massive speed increase to anything relying directly or indirectly on getSkillLevelByID or canCharUseTypeID - [journal] Added showinfo links for some more trans types - [mails] Reduced cache time further. - [members] Unknown Ship will no longer be displayed for members not in ship - [showinfo] Sec. Fixes - [showinfo] Restyled all pages in more compact format - [showinfo] Implemented JSON windowed showinfo - [showinfo] Showinfo links in character/alliance bios will now be loaded in ajax windows - [showinfo] Attempt to close any outstanding bio tags - [showinfo] Fixed station/system info attempting to be opened in windowed info - [showinfo] Added automatic scaling of item/char/corp/ally title to container size - [showinfo] All known styling issues corrected - [showinfo] Added specific title for loading windows - [showinfo] Fixed error caused by closing a window before load completed - [transactions] Added showinfo for type column - Skills page has been split into two pages: about (bio, employment history, etc) and skills (skills and fit checker) - You may choose which page to land on by default at the bottom of the skills and about pages - Misc internal restructuring - A sane error message will now be returned for bad/invalid API instead of http 403. Last updated: 10/26/13

Jackknife 2.3 Update

AJAX Notifications View. A bit quirky due to :ccp: - Most nofications types do not have a path for turning them into human readable text, yet. Will be working on it. 94/130 notifications populated. Thanks for daquaris for his help getting notification data. INDUSTRY VIEW. Strictly beta, let me know if there is any problems. - Fixed sorting not working. AJAX Assets View, AND SEARCHING! Autocomplete search, with the ability to find by item or show all matches. Jump-to-item for significant assets, as well as offices for Corp mode. Show all ships of a certain class... and more. Updated styling as well. Inter-linking showinfo: You can now click links to see corp/alliance/item/char info from any other view in the show info - for example, view the char info of the ceo of a corp. AJAX Killlog View. Just like mails. Click, bam. Sexy. Showinfo parsing: Show info links are now parsed. This pertains mostly to mail view and corporation about view. Additionally, URLs that are not links will be turned into links. Underline, italics, bold styles will be shown. Color and font size are currently not enabled as they mangle the display. Custom API Wizard, located on the API Input screen. - Stations, character names, and some other things are now links in various views. They will open ingame show info or a new window with show info if oog. - System and station links send you to dotlan - Alliance and corporation links send you to the new show info view - Character info links send you to a new view with employment history, sec status, char name, current alliance, and current corp - Contract links show up yellow, but do nothing as there's no way to fetch info about a non-owned contract - Fleet links show up red. - Http links open, well, as you would expect. Duh. - Ingame, clicking on a link will open the relevant show info view - Fittings show up with the fitting info. In the future, they will send you to the fitting checker, if possible. - Turn off ingame show info by using the control at the bottom of the page (when ingame) Showinfo Examples: Character Info view Corporation Info view Alliance Info view Item Info view No way to search for chars/corps/alliances as of yet. Notes: - [ataglance] Fixed mail and kills view conflicting - [showinfo] Fixed stations being for the wrong station type - [showinfo] fixed a bug causing item info view on weird items to fail (like snowballs) - [showinfo] Added alliance history for corporations - [showinfo] Standardized width of descriptions and history lists - [showinfo] Added founder, founding date for corp info view - [showinfo] Improved handling of inactive corps' info - [showinfo] Improved handling of char/corp links in char/alliance bios - [showinfo] Fix for malformed XML from ccp - [itemsrch] Updated styling - [itemview] Updated styling, added skills - [itemview] Merged into showinfo - [killlog] Fixed IGB toggle not showing up - [notifications] Added ajax body viewing. - [notifications] Added checking for notificationtexts api - [notifications] 87/117 notifications populated (some partial, not have all cases done) - [notifications] Several FW notifications semi-populated - [notifications] Completed incursion finished notification - [notifications] Added a better YAML parser - [notifications] Fixed IGB toggle not showing up - [industry] Fixed sorting not working. - [overview] Added bio view - [overview] Updated character sale forum link to current - [overview] Legend should be positioned properly both under onepage and normal - [overview] Fixed some skills being renamed. Thanks CCP, for not leaving well enough alone. - [overview] Fixed bad account active time being shown if account was inactive - [overview] Fixed paused queue displaying oddly - [orders] Fixed a really stupid bug. - [orders] Fixed error handling - [journal] Market entries now have the type, price per unit, and person bought from/sold to if transactions api is enabled - [journal] Confirmed journal walking no longer works, to get entries older than a month. :ccp: - [contracts] Fixed a bug with new item types - [contracts] Minor bugfixes causing contracts to display when they shouldn't - [contracts] Fix for duplicate contract bug - [contracts] Added showinfo links and issued by field on contract info - [contracts] Fixed error spew when items not available - [orders] Fixed a bug causing station to be listed twice - [orders] Fixed a bug causing no entries text to not be shown - [assets] Updated to use less memory - [assets] Restyling work - [assets] Corp offices listed with jump to links in corp mode - [assets] Added alphabetical sort - [assets] Added some showinfo links - [assets] Added jump to station for significant assets - [assets] Added item search - [assets] Added item search autocomplete - [assets] Added jump to office for corp view - [assets] Added links to show all ships of a class - [assets] Added group:id and type:id search (id being number) - [assets] Added "find all" and changed show all of a class to the same mechanism - [assets] Added a warning (and disabled search box) for IGB users; it does not support the search because it's ancient - [skills] Added 'bio' view, if char has a bio - [skills] Fixed a bug with recursive skills] - [skills] Fixed owned skills with missing prereqs not being shown (podded) - [skills] Skill training will not be shown if account is inactive - [mail] Fixed mixed corp and personal mail targets not working correctly. - [mail] Access allowed if mailbodies aren't enabled; simply can't click in that case - [mail] Fixed IGB toggle not showing up - Global stylesheet improvements, and specific tag-class cases rather than just class - Showinfo will always use IGB features for showinfo links that have no fallback implementation (contacts,kills)

Auditor 2.2

DB IS UPDATED TO ESCALATION 1.0 Fitting checker will recognize all the new module names, now, as well as the correct name will be used on orders and transactions, contracts, etc.
Skills view has been further improved.


Skill View Improvements: - Skill queue is now displayed if enabled and more than one skill is in queue. - Mini char select shown by hovering char select or "ACCOUNT" (if an account api) - Descrptions shown for all skills under the attributes - Added employment history tab under overview - Overview page has been merged with skills, the unholy union now goes by the name "overview". - Overview view has significant assets, market orders, and lvl5 skills added (if possible) - Overview only requires journal and skills for minimum info, now. Ajax-ified mail view. Click a mail and it loads without changing page. Minor: * Contracts - Fixed deleted (by contractor) contracts still showing. :ccp: * Skill queue or skillintraining will both allow skill in training to be viewed, now.

Auditor 2.0

A bunch of improvements internally and a reworked skills view.


Skill View Improvements: We have switched to a two row layout, and added both T3 skills and industry skills. Skill list will no longer distort the view of items. Ship fits has been modified to be easier to edit. Capital tab and leadership tab have both recieved some improvements. Pretty much everything has been modified to some extent. New Page: Overview. This page lists the journal entries that are greater than 5% of the total ISK the character has seen recently; it also lists the number of transactions with any given non-npc character. Useful for quickly checking wallet logs. Minor: * Contract view has been simplified for better reading * Journal has had desc column merged with reason (CCP for you...) * Asset view now sorts containers at top * Contract view sorting has been fixed

Auditor 1.5

Crucible 1.01: The database has been updated so items should no longer be unknown. EDIT: Due to CCP renaming items, modules will be unrecognized until I get a fixed DB. Sorry. -ZZJ Test your skills against fits! Under the character portrait, on the skills page. Takes EFT-style fits. API "Remembering" Log in your character once, then on subsequent visits your character will be remembered until you clear cookies or click one of the various new api links. You can try multiple fits in succession while "remembered" by clicking fitting links. CONTRACTS VIEW!: Self explanitory. Minor: * Completely rewrote glue code and cleaned up page code * Some modifications and minor bugfixes to journal and orders * Memberlist supports both api access levels now. * OLD apis implemented more elegantly. Corp access requires a new api. * Bugfixes for mail page. * Fix for out of order journal entries due to same timestamp

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If you encounter a bug, visit me on IRC at
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